About us

The Hyelm Group is a not-for-profit charity that provides affordable accommodation and strong communities for young people in the early stages of their careers who have no support needs and who cannot afford to rent or buy in the private sector. It also provides housing at intermediate rent levels for a number of key workers.

Elements of The Group, which comprises Hyelm, The Ames House Trust, and Arthur West House Limited, have been operating for more than 120 years.

We currently provide sub-market rent accommodation and services for 125 young people in the capital. On top of this, we recently embarked on a new and ambitious strategy to develop further accommodation for an additional 250 young people.

We are currently the only organisation in London that sets out to offer the type of affordable accommodation and services that we do to our specific client group.

We add value and make a real difference to the lives of those whom we house by providing them with:

  • The accommodation that they need and can afford at a time when they are starting out in their careers.
  • Positive, stable, safe environments and strong communities in which lasting friendships can develop in an otherwise vibrant but challenging, and sometimes impersonal, capital city.
  • Opportunities for further personal development and growth. 

Hyelm and The Ames House Trust: Registered by the Charity Commission - Number 215575.

Hyelm: Registered by the Homes and Communities Agency - Number HO 312.

Hyelm: Registered in England at Companies House - Number 00244598 (Registered Office: 43-51 New North Road, London, England N1 6JB).