Winter Survival Tips for Londoners

We want to share some of our tips with you for staying warm and happy during the cold weather. Philippa Norman 12/02/16

Winter is never easy, especially in the big city of London. The night’s have drawn in, the weather’s chilly, and you’re still working hard and trying to enjoy the season. Well, we know what it can be like facing the long, dreary winter months, and we want to share some of our tips with you for staying warm and happy during the cold weather.

1. Hygge

This has made quite the impression recently and we can totally see why. Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a scandinavian concept of taking pleasure in the ordinary and everyday. Have you noticed how in this day and age you’re always on the go? Always busy, always in communication, always doing, and many of the normal tasks we undertake everyday become a burden. We forget or perhaps don’t make the time to take pleasure in things. Like making a cup of tea, enjoying the few minutes the tea bag is infusing the water, the gentle stirring of the spoon and the first uninterrupted sip. Hygge is about making the most of the everyday, and it’s a great mindset for the winter months. When it’s darker, colder and wetter, make the most of brewing your cuppa, wrapping yourself in a blanket and creating a cosy space for yourself.

2. Pubs

Pubs are as British as...a British thing, and there’s nothing quite as warm and welcoming as a cosily lit, rambunctious and laughter-filled pub. Believe it or not, although the capital is well known for bars and clubs, there are some excellent traditional pubs. Whether you’re popping into Holborn’s The Princess Louise's opulent Victorian interior (perfect for the holiday season), Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street for the authentic beamed ceiling experience, or the Coach & Horses for a warm, relaxing evening. There’s nothing better then heading to an old pub on a cold winter night like all those characters in a Charles Dicken’s novel. In fact, the venerable novelist actually frequented Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, giving you even more of a reason to get out to your local pubs at this time of year to warm up with a drink and friends.

3. Good food

Good food is so essential at this time of year. It’s not just about the treats and the holiday snacking, it also about making sure you’re eating well. It can be easy as the night’s draw in, to go for comfort rather than health but keep a good balance of both. Treat yourself to some good food at home or warming pub grub at the aforementioned establishments, and in between, make sure you’re getting a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables. It’s also good to remember to keep the fluids on the go, it can be easy to settle for a warm cup of coffee, but remember to drink plenty of water too. These habits will keep you healthy and happy even when the weather is less than cheery outside!

4. Stay social

Don’t be a hermit! Cold, dark nights, and the holiday season can be hard for some people. If that’s you, just remember to socialise. Get out and see your friends, whether it’s for a spot of Christmas shopping, a coffee on the weekend or some drinks on a Friday night. It’s remarkable what a good laugh with friends will do to keep you positive and enjoying yourself throughout the winter.

Even better, why not do a bit of exploring while the tourists are less prevalent in the capital? You might want to avoid Oxford street and the Christmas shopping craziness, so why not go to some local sights and attractions while the cold weather keeps people away.

5. Clothing

Hats, gloves and scarves aren’t just fashion accessories! There’s nothing better than being out and enjoying the crisp mornings, but being clothed for it is key! A decent coat will keep the winter winds at bay and popping your gloves on before you head out will save your fingers from getting chapped.

And when you’re inside, keeping some woolly socks at the ready or a pair of slippers, to keep your extremities warm around the house will do wonders for keeping you warm. Plus, if you take up the Hygge perspective we talked about earlier, you could invest in a few lovely blankets and cushions, to make your evenings in warm and cosy and provide for yourself a little haven in the midst of winter.

 There you have it, 5 easy ways to survive the winter in London this year!