Christmas in London

From all of us here at Hyelm, whatever you will be doing this holiday season, we wish you peace and joy and a great 2017! Philippa Norman 12/21/16

Christmas in London, at first sight, can seem stressful, busy and not relaxing. But the great thing is that first impressions aren’t always right. London is a multicultural, diverse city with people from all over the world, so whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just enjoying riding the wave of the holiday season, you can make the most of this time of year.

1. Eat good food

There’s no time quite like this time of year for good food. It seems that in recent years the holiday season has become more about fabulous food than ever before. Whether it’s copious amounts of pigs in blankets, big crispy turkeys, mountains of gooey cheeses or chocolates liqueur, there’s so much to be enjoyed.

Then there are the drinks, like cocktails, port, fizzy soft drinks and of course the age-old classic mulled wine. Planning your Christmas meals (remember it’s not just about Christmas dinner), as well as your snacks in between can really make this season the treat you deserve after a long hard year working.

2. Play silly games

Christmas is a time for giggling and laughter and one of the best ways to do this is to play games. We might have had to grow up, get jobs, live independently and deal with all the boring things entailed with being an adult, but that doesn’t mean that we’re above silly games. Whether it’s a hilarious game of charades, the overly long game of Monopoly in which someone always seems to be pulling £100 notes from up their sleeves, or the loudly shouted game of Articulate that just gets a little too heated, there are so many fun games to play. We all love a good bit of Christmas TV and movies, but if we’re always watching them we’re not talking to each other, and this is where playing games comes in. Spend time together, be silly, and play together.

3. Have new experiences

Christmas is the time for gifts right? Well, how about gifting a new experience to yourself? After Christmas it can seem a little cold and dull, which is why it can be a good idea to book something in you can look forward to. If you can book a little city break for the spring, or a course in something you’ve always wanted to learn, or a day away visiting a new place, you can start 2017 off with a new experience.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to do for something new in 2017, why not check out experience days for inspiration? Whether it’s cookery, sport, visiting a famous place, or going to see your favourite band, 2017 is the year to do it!

4. Help others

Christmas is the time of year when we can be thankful for all we have had and think about giving back to others. There are lots of great charities you can support at this time of year in all sorts of different ways. You could volunteer at a homeless shelter or give a financial gift to a national or overseas charity project.

One of the easiest things to do is take things to a charity shop. After receiving gifts at Christmas, we often end up with older things we don’t need, and if you’re having a clear-out, why not take those things to your local charity shop. Lots of charity shops also now offer the option of Gift-Aiding  your items which is where the government will give extra money to the charity when they sell your items if you are a tax payer.

5. Spend time with loved ones

This one seems obvious, but we can be so busy thinking about present-buying, travel arrangements and things to do before the New Year, that we can forget the wonderful time we can have with loved ones. And loved ones doesn't necessarily mean family, this can be a wonderful time of year to catch with friends, old and new, and have time with those who make your life rich and full.

From all of us here at Hyelm, whatever you will be doing this holiday season, we wish you peace and joy and a great 2017!