Benefits of Moving to London with Hyelm

Hyelm is here for your move to London, don’t tackle it alone, because you don’t have to. Philippa Norman 02/13/17

Hyelm is a charity based in London that was established to help young people move to the capital to work and become part of the London community. London is one of the most visited cities in the world, the most populous in the UK, and has more parkland than any other world capital.

It’s also the business capital of the UK, a cultural centre and the heart of UK politics. It’s an amazing place to live and work and at our Old Street modern housing scheme you can start your life as a Londoner. A ten minute walk from Old Street’s underground station, it’s close to vibrant Hoxton Square near Shoreditch, known for being a young and popular area. We offer medium-term rent opportunities (the Old Street housing scheme is provided for 2 years), with subsidised rent, meaning that you can more easily make your transition to living in London.

The Hyelm Community

We offer one bedroom flats as well as clusters of two, three, four and six en-suite bedroom flats with shared kitchen and lounge areas. The latter can be great if you’re moving to London and don’t know many people. They give you a chance to get to know other people of similar ages and many of our residents make long-lasting friendships this way.

You don’t have to worry about furniture initially when living in our Hyelm community. Each bedroom already has a double bed and you can enjoy your own private bathroom. Phone and internet installation is taken care of, you just have to arrange with your provider for your services when you move in. Equally, white-goods aren’t something you need to think about as every flat has a fridge, freeze and oven provided. You’ve also got some nice social space in your flat which you can enjoy with your flatmates.

Beneficial facilities

It’s not just about having a bed and four walls, our Old Street development also has a range of other facilities you can enjoy. It’s important to keep fit and healthy both for your physical health and for your mental health. That’s why Hyelm has a gym and sauna you can take advantage of, so when you are coming home from a day at your new job in London you can unwind at the gym before sitting with friends in the sauna!

In terms of outdoor spaces, London is one of the greenest cities, and Hyelm contribute to that with their own outside areas. You can enjoy our landscaped courtyard garden for some relaxing outside space or take in the views on our skyline roof terrace. The entrance lounge to our building offers free Wi-Fi if you need to quickly send an email on your way out and then there’s the self-service laundrette on site so you don’t have to travel to do your washing.

Supportive Living Environment

It’s not just about the physical facilities at Hyelm. We are dedicated to nuturing a supportive community for our residents, helping them to become established in their careers in London and become part of their local community offering a positive presence to London as a whole.

To fulfil this vision we often help our residents to identify training and employment opportunities. We have well-established links with the local communities giving us even more to offer our residents. Work experience and apprenticeships are offered within the Hyelm Group and our partner organisations to get you set up in London. When you are settled into London life, as we are only a medium-term rental opportunity, we also help you to find permanent accommodation and have many links which help with this. Finally, in cases of extreme hardship we can offer direct financial assistance.

Help with Moving to London

Hyelm is here for your move to London, don’t tackle it alone, because you don’t have to! Use the resources and facilities that The Hyelm Group can provide and you can make your move to London a real success. For more information feel free to contact us today. For information on Rental prices have a look here.