Inside Historic East London: Top Tips

Places to eat, drink and avoid, this blog post has pulled together our top tips for living in Historic East London and enjoying it! Philippa Norman 02/20/17

Places to eat, drink and avoid, this blog post has pulled together our top tips for living in Historic East London and enjoying it! Home to our Old Street modern development, Historic East London and Shoreditch are a great place to be and we’ll show you why:

Best Happy Hours

The Shoreditch

Of course, we were always going to plug a bar near our Old Street housing development, and The Shoreditch is well worth it. This funky Tiki bar offers an amazing array of Caribbean inspired cocktails which are 2 for £10 everyday between 2pm-8pm - what a bargain for London!

Barrio East

Another local, the Barrio East is a Latin bar with all the flamboyance and vibrancy that you’d expect. Loads of great food and even better, cocktails and beers at great prices before 8pm. £5 on selected cocktails and £3 on selected beers make this a great place to go.

Dirty Bones

If you want a chilled atmosphere with some smashing New York cocktails then Dirty Bones is the place for you. They’ve got £5 cocktail specials as well as some great deals on beer. If you want an eclectic, edgy feel with great tunes, Dirty Bones is worth checking out.

Cheap Restaurants

Open Kitchen

This place is a great find if you’re after a good meal and can be forgiving. Home to the students of the London City Hospitality Centre, you are basically a guinea-pig, but at £7 for a main you really can’t say no. It’s probably one of the cheapest meals out you’ll manage to find in London and of course they are practicing some pretty delicious dishes so you have a great choice awaiting you. You can check out their current menu and great prices here.

Cay Tre

There’s a whole bunch of Vietnamese restaurants waiting to be explored around Old Street. Styling its food as fresh, traditional Vietnamese with a Hoxton/Soho flair, Cay Tre is going to be an aromatic and delicious experience for you. With small dishes starting at £5 it runs up to a maximum of £14 making it very reasonable and even better, sharing dishes is encouraged in this restaurant!

Bull In A China Shop

This place is great if you’re after a reasonably price square meal. Behind the Dickensian pub front, hides an all-day restaurant with Asian-inspired dishes and an impressive collection of over 50 whiskies for sampling. So whether you’re in for a quick lunch of Rotisserie chicken starting at £5.50, or there til late sampling the Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskeys or Japanese Whisky, Bull In A China Shop is pretty cool.

Places to Avoid and When to Avoid Them

Oxford Street on a Saturday

Oxford Street might be famed for it’s shopping, but let’s be honest, a lot of the shops running it’s length can be found just as well on any other less busy high street from Truro up to Manchester. If you’re just wanting to browse then perhaps the jostle of Oxford Street might not be for you.

The Tube in Rush Hour

Yes, the tube is amazingly convenient, but it’s also often hot and incredibly busy. For those in central London it’s incredible how close everything is so it’s better to get those steps in on your sport watch than to get the tube. Or if you have a greater distance to go, use the buses. You get to see much more of the city, they’re pretty clean and convenient and the view is a lot better than the underground.

West End at Christmas

It’s a good thing we’re in February now as you won’t have to worry about this one for a while, but avoiding the West End during the holiday season can only be a good thing. The tubes around this area become incredibly busy and it’s not a pleasant experience navigating the large crowds. If you’re reading this now you can remember to avoid it when the time comes!

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