Theatre for Londoners

There’s nothing quite like getting your glad rags on and spending the night at the theatre, so take our tips and get yourself a good deal today. Philippa Norman 02/20/17

There really is nothing quite like the theatre. Those who might consider it a little old fashioned clearly haven’t gone to see a West End performance. Movies might be amazing with all the special effects but it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to live shows.

After all, the stakes are a lot higher. There’s a whole script to learn and perform right there and then with all the necessary gusto and finesse. The truth is, the theatre has been going for donkeys years, and there’s a reason why and it is most definitely worth your time. Actors have been entertaining people from the stage since time immemorial and it’s one of the fantastic cultural expressions of the capital.

As beautiful and majestic and awe-inspiring as the theatre can be, one doesn’t have to pay through the nose for it. Especially as a Londoner, where you have easy access to so many wonderful shows, you should also know how to get the great deals available on theatre tickets. Here at Hyelm, we believe in being part of the London community when you make the city your home and taking advantage of all it has to offer, so we’ve gathered a few helpful hints and tips for when it comes to grabbing tickets to that next great show.

1. Do your research online

For hotels, it can often be cheaper to book directly on the hotel’s own website, but that isn’t necessarily the case for theatre tickets. The best thing to do is shop around a bit, and use websites that can easily compare ticket prices like, Compare Theatre Tickets. It’s only right to pay good money for a good performance, but there’s also an element of being savvy about these things.

. Be last minute and spontaneous

Guess what? As a Londoner you really do have things on your doorstep, especially those who live at Hyelm’s Old Street development. So take advantage of it, many of the theatres give great last minute deals on their tickets when they need to fill seats at a particular performance. One of the best places to take advantage of these cheaper last minute tickets is the Telegraph tickets website.

3. Good seats and a good price

They say buy cheap, buy twice, but when it comes to going to the theatre, you can keep in budget and be clever about which tickets you buy. Theatre Monkey’s website do a guide of which seats to buy and which to avoid in every theatre venue in London. Let’s be honest, for under £20, you’re not going to be sitting front and centre, but that doesn’t mean you need to get caught out with a seat that gives you an awful view of the stage. When purchasing tickets to shows make sure you check the Theatre Monkey's guide to make sure that what you’re purchasing will be worth it, even if it is discounted.

4. Offline and on the day

We’ve already talked about taking advantage of last minute tickets because you’re a London dweller, but there has to be something said for going offline too. The TKTS booth residing in Leicester Square is home to a whole range of tickets for shows across London and although you can browse their prices online before you go, the discounted tickets have to be bought offline at the booth. The offline on the day opportunity could be worth it...

5. Clubs for tickets

The Standard did an article on the secret clubs where membership gets you a heavily discounted seat at a West End Show. There are several clubs in London who bulk purchase tickets to shows in order to offer them to their members, and if you really are an avid theatre goer, it’s probably worth your time to research and perhaps invest in a membership at one of these clubs. It’ll be two birds with one stone, social and theatre in one fell swoop. 

London is the home of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, the Old and Young Vic, famous shows like Matilda, Wicked and Mousetrap, and the classics like Othello and Hamlet. There’s nothing quite like getting your glad rags on and spending the night at the theatre, so take our tips and get yourself a good deal today. If you want to find out more about living in London and how to move there have a look at the rest of our website.