Hyelm: Your Partner in London

Philippa Norman 08/07/17

The history of Hyelm:

We are Hyelm (Hostels for Young Employees of Limited Means), a Central London based charity, founded in 1926 by the late Arthur J. West. Hyelm originally started it’s life in North London, with several properties spreading across the city. In 1950 a location move to Hampstead was required, due to war damage. Initially funded by grants from the greater London Council, the Hampstead property was destroyed during the 1970s to make space and capacity for the Arthur West House, a purpose built development that was to provide accommodation, services and facilities for more than 233 residents.

In 1996 Hyelm merged and became the sole corporate trustee  of Ames House, which offered housing support for 25 young women in Hampstead. In 2004 Ames House property was sold and a long-term lease of a portion of Arthur West House, including 68 bed spaces was purchased from Hyelm.

Moving into 2014, Hyelm and Ames House decided to use the sale proceeds from Arthur West House to provide a new development programme. The new development plans to include contemporary facilities, services and accommodation in two further housing schemes by 2019.

 Who are Hyelm today and what do we do?

To continue our success, a new Hyelm property in the Old Street area of London was constructed in 2006, opened in March 2008 and now provides modern accommodation and facilities for up to 125 young people and priority groups. In 2014, the Arthur West House was sold and we plan to invest the proceeds into our next biggest development in 2019, which will provide an additional 250 person accommodation and facilities in various areas of London that are attractive for young people wishing to move to start a life in the city.

What we do remains true to the core values and visions of the Hyelm founder, Arthur J. West. We continue to provide more to our members than a roof over their head, we strive to succeed in providing people with the opportunity to relocate, start a career or study in a positive culture and environment that can offer great things in life and a place we are proud to call our city.

What are the benefits of moving to London?

Moving to London whether that be to further your academic studies or to build a new career is an exciting opportunity and offers a wide selection of benefits. If you are looking to build a new career, London is definitely a prime opportunity due to its power to connect people together. Employers in London provide various events such as: network marketing, assessment days and interview training which will allow you to gain experience, real life examples of London working life and further enhance your career opportunities.There are also major lifestyle and social benefits of moving and living in and around London, ranging from cultural events, natural attractions, regular markets, and cultural events that are regularly hosted across the city centre.

To find out more about things to do across London, check out our news page for lots of inspiration and events within London.

What support is available at Hyelm?

Why tackle your move to London alone, when you really don’t have to? Hyelm is here with you every step of the way. At Hyelm we offer a vast selection of support whether that be financial, employment opportunities, work experience, or equality we strive to make a difference to young people’s lives and their move to London. Use the full range of resources available at The Hyelm Group to make your move to London a success.

Since establishing, Hyelm have achieved great things but we will certainly be striving for more in the next couple of years. With a clear vision for our future, be sure to stay up-to-date with our latest news, properties and services we offer. Contact us today to find out further information about our properties, rental prices and services.