Are You a Key Worker? Affordable Accommodation in London

Find out more about our Old Street accommodation and if you can apply as a Key Worker Philippa Norman 03/08/18

Here at Hyelm, we provide affordable housing options for Key Workers within London. The housing options available through our charity are for those who do not qualify for social housing, or for home ownership; and, whilst we help workers in need of affordable housing in any sector, we have 74 places allocated specifically for Key Workers in our Old Street Property.

Key Worker specific accommodation has many benefits. It is offered at reduced rates to make it more affordable and can help you feel independent, while giving you a community to be part of. It can also help you feel more secure when living in London.

Are you a Key Worker?

Key Workers are classified as public sector employees who  are considered by the government to provide vital services to society. These can be people who work within the National Health Service (NHS), the Police and Fire Services and the Education Sector. If any of these apply to you then you could be eligible for affordable Key Worker accommodation within London, through Hyelm.

What accommodation options are available?

It can be difficult to find affordable accommodation if you are a Key Worker within the capital. This is where Hyelm can come in: a charity dedicated to helping those who are working in vital sectors find affordable homes. We can provide housing for up to five years; during which time you’ll be working towards a getting a permanent property, and we can help with this.

Do I qualify for the Key Worker scheme at Hyelm?

In order to be considered eligible for accommodation through Hyelm you will need to fit the following criteria:

  • Under 35 years-old
  • Salary under 35K
  • Be a Key Worker

The Hyelm accommodation is perfect if you need no additional financial support but are able to benefit from and contribute to living in a positive, safe, stable and supportive environment with a strong community!

What are the benefits of Hyelm accommodation?

Our Old Street property has a central location close to Hoxton Square in London. It’s a modern housing scheme, perfect for Key Workers; it is also a mere ten minute walk from Old Street’s underground station.

There are a variety of housing types in the Old Street location; including one bedroom flats and cluster apartments of two, three, four or six. Each of these apartments has en-suite bedrooms and shared kitchen and lounge areas. This type of living is massively communal, great for young professionals who are starting out in their career. We foster a safe and supportive environment which can help you settle into the capital, whether you’re a born Londoner or from elsewhere.

Each bedroom comes with a double bed, bathroom and has facilities for phone and internet. Equally, the kitchen, dining and lounge areas have everything you need (fridge, freezer, oven, storage space), giving you the perfect venue for socialising with your flatmates.

In terms of services and facilities, you will enjoy the following:

  • An entrance lounge with WIFI
  • Site staff available at published times
  • 24 hour emergency on-call service
  • Cleaning of communal areas
  • Comprehensive housing management and maintenance service
  • Self-service launderette
  • Landscaped courtyard garden
  • Skyline roof terrace

How will you be supported other than with accommodation?

For Hyelm, it isn’t just about getting a roof over your head, it’s about helping you to become a part of the London community, contributing and thriving in the capital. That’s why we offer help in identifying training and employment opportunities through our network and also work experience and apprenticeships through The Hyelm Group partner organisations.

In addition to that, while our property can offer you short-term accommodation solutions that are heavily discounted, we are keen to help you in your next step. That’s why we will help you find permanent accommodation through our established links and network. In extreme cases, we are also able to help with financial assistance in severe hardship.

How do you apply?

We have 74 places reserved for Key Workers in our Old Street Property. In order to apply, visit our application form here. We look forward to helping you find affordable accommodation in London.