The Hub at Hyelm

Simon Wright 10/18/18

Planning permission was recently obtained to convert a portion of the communal areas at our Old Street scheme into high specification office spaces for rent, preferably, to local start-up businesses and charities.

This followed on from feedback that we received from a LB Hackney, which indicated that permission would not be granted for additional bed-spaces as these would not create new employment opportunities.

Conversion work has now finished. Three additional offices and a meeting room have been created, providing employment opportunities and workspaces for up to 40 people. The aim is to maximise the use and efficiency of these areas, whilst creating a more vibrant, intimate communal lounge in which those who live and work at the scheme can mix.

Tenants have been secured for 30 of the 40 new desk-spaces that have been created. Marketing continues in relation the vacant spaces.

This new initiative will also secure additional income for use by us in the furtherance of our charitable objectives. 

For further details please see our dedicated website The Hub at Hyelm.