Building on the successes of the last three year, an exciting and ambitious Strategic Plan for the three years to 2022 has just been adopted by our Board.

This followed a number of strategic discussions, which were informed by:

  • The findings of fresh SWOT and PESTLE analyses.
  • Research on the housing market, demographic trends, the changing economic backdrop, affordability and the housing and other needs of young people in the capital today.
  • Presentations on risk appetite, treasury management, corporate branding, marketing and private sector funding options.

The research confirmed that:

  • There remains a considerable and growing demand for the type of accommodation and services that we provide.
  • We are the only organisation in London that sets out to meet the specific housing needs of young people in the early stages of their careers who have no support needs, cannot afford to rent or buy in the private sector and are unable to stay within the family network.

The three key objectives of the new Plan are:

  • Development and Growth:

Develop our new Colindale scheme on time, on budget and in accordance with specification. Ensure high occupancy rates are achieved from day one of opening. 

Research, adopt and begin to implement bold strategies for future growth and the development of additional accommodation during and beyond the delivery of the Colindale scheme.

  • Business as Usual:

Manage our existing operation in an efficient and effective manner throughout the delivery of our development programme.

Use new technologies, IT and modern methods of communication to the optimum and most cost effective extent in our operation and in the delivery of our offer in a way that best meets the needs of young people.

Maintain high standards of accommodation through the delivery of our cyclical maintenance programme and fire safety action plan.

Deliver and further develop high standards of services and facilities that reflect the needs of young people.

  • Communities and People:

Promote positive, stable, safe environments in our housing schemes, ensuring that the sense of place and community, which is so fundamental to what we do, is kept as we move from old to new.

A copy of the new Plan can be viewed by visiting this link.