A Hyelm Story - Sophie K

Philippa Norman 03/18/19

As you may know, Hyelm is a housing scheme designed to assist young people who are at the beginning of their careers. We provide them with a safe place to stay, in a fun and vibrant environment where they can make friends, have fun and really benefit from a secure base from which they can get started in their careers.

We have had a lot of wonderful people come and go through our doors over the years but very few have experienced the impact of the Hyelm experience quite like our featured resident Sophie K.

Sophie, who originally hails from the West Midlands, moved to London three years ago when she wanted to advance her career as a media freelancer. With London rents being historically high and immediate employment opportunities thin on the ground, Sophie was at a loss.

“I really wanted to be able to live somewhere affordable, safe and close to where I needed to be for work,” Sophie says, smiling.

Interestingly, inspiration came in the unlikely form of Sophie’s father, who had stayed in a Hyelm scheme when he had been studying acting at RADA in 1983. He suggested that Sophie was to get in touch with Hyelm as they might be able to help her.

Sophie decided to apply and go and see the building.

“I met a lady called Sheridan and she was so lovely. I felt at home immediately”.

Sheridan suggested to Sophie that there was another female living within the building that she may get on very well with.

“There is so much to do and see in London but it is so easy to become isolated” says Sophie. “Moving into Hyelm was one of the best things I have ever done. Not only has the central location made it really easy for me to get to work, I have made friends that I consider to be soul sisters. Their friends are my friends, we have been to each other’s weddings and this is the best decision I have ever made”.

Sophie moved into the building and started to make friends and enjoy her time in London. Another girl on the same floor became one of Sophie’s best friends and more friends have been made in the three years Sophie has lived at Hyelm.

One thing that worked really well for Sophie is the fact that staff are working on site and always available for a chat if anything is wrong. As well as this, Sarah, who runs the Old Street building, has initiated a series of social events and parties which has helped a lot of young people living at Hyelm to feel included and enjoy the social life they require.

Sophie recommends Hyelm to anyone who wants to move to London and try and go for their dreams.

“I count my blessings every day” says Sophie, who, alongside her successful career as an Assistant Director, has started her own business creating live visual effects for bands and performances. The business is called Astral Projections and it combines live performance with visuals you will literally only see once in a lifetime. 

“It’s amazing how decisions can make an impact on your whole life, and this definitely has”.

We’re very happy to have made such a positive impact on Sophie’s life.

Would you like to come and live at Hyelm, Old Street? Come to our website now and apply. Our rents are hugely competitive and in line with the London Living Wage guidelines set out by the Mayor of London. We are also a London Living Wage employer.

To apply for accommodation, click here.